Membership & Benefits

The UN Global Compact Network Malaysia (GCMY) creates opportunities for dialogue and deliberation on universal principles of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. We facilitate outreach, learning, collective action and sustainable partnerships for visible impact.

Why Should You Join Us ?

  • Members of Global Compact Network Malaysia (GCMY) get access to global experts and over 50 UN Global Compact local networks worldwide. We can help you find partners, share and learn best practices for tried-and tested solutions to your sustainability challenges.
  • You can promote your sustainability success stories globally on a UN platform reaching all your stakeholders, especially government, NGOs and business partners.
  • We can help you design and implement initiatives to show how you are contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Your membership in GCMY will help you build your corporate and brand reputation; demonstrate thought leadership; and manage corporate sustainability challenges with the strong support of a global UN network.


Benefits to You:

  • Privileged access to Member’s Sustainability Knowledge Repository
  • On-boarding orientation on SDGs
  • Guidance on Communication on Progress and Sustainability Reporting
  • Priority Seats at GCMY events
  • Invitation to join delegations to international UN meetings and conventions
  • Opportunity to be elected to Steering Committee or invited to Advisory Board
  • Full voting rights at GCMY Annual General Meeting


Our Members:

Note: click on the member’s name to see its location

Date RegisteredMemberMembership TypeCategory
2019-01-15Pasaraya MMPrivate CoSignatory
2019-01-15TNBPrivate CoSignatory
2019-01-15WilstechPrivate CoSignatory
2019-01-15En XinPrivate CoSignatory
2019-01-15 Malaysia Digital Chamber of CommercePrivate CoSignatory
2019-01-15Harapan Capital (change from Blue Ocean 1Nation to Harapan Capital)Private CoSignatory
2019-01-15GreennexPrivate CoSignatory
2018-10-30Andaraya (M) Sdn BhdPrivate CoParticipant
2018-10-30CSK Murni Services Sdn BhdPrivate CoParticipant
2018-10-30DZR Pharma Manufacturer Sdn BhdPrivate CoParticipant
2018-06-01ESCATEC Sdn BhdPrivate CoParticipant
2018-10-30ERS Energy Sdn BhdPrivate CoParticipant
2018-10-30Great RC Holdings Sdn BhdPrivate CoParticipant
2018-10-30Indochine Bio Plastiques (ICBP) Sdn BhdPrivate CoParticipant
2018-09-30PMCC-International Sdn BhdPrivate CoParticipant
2018-10-30Osel GroupPrivate CoParticipant
2018-10-30SolarvestPrivate CoParticipant
2018-10-30Yagu Group BerhadMultinationalParticipant
2017-04-15AB Inox Sdn Bhd (L' Artisan 96)Private CoSignatory
2017-04-18AGV Environment Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory
2017-07-25Anametrics Holdings LtdPrivate CoSignatory
2017-12-21Artmatrix Technology Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory
2017-07-07ASIAMET Executive Education Centre Sdn. Bhd.Private CoSignatory
2017-05-23Axiata Group BerhadMultinationalSignatory
2014-03-10BATC Development BhdMultinationalSignatory
2017-06-08Biji-biji InitiativePrivate CoSignatory
2017-04-14Blue Ocean 1 Nation Management Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory
2019-01-02Century Software (Malaysia) Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory
2017-05-04CIMB FoundationMultinationalSignatory
2017-04-14Circle Corp Sdn. BhdPrivate CoSignatory
City University College of Science and TechnologyPrivate CoSignatory
2017-06-10Crigen Resources Holdings BhdPrivate CoSignatory
2017-04-03Crigen Resources Sdn Bhd (Danai Spa)Private CoSignatory
2017-07-06Dama Property (Sarawak) Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory
2017-04-14DB&B Design Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory
2019-01-02Eastern Pacific Industrial Corporation BerhadPrivate CoSignatory
2017-05-02Edudios Sdn. Bhd.Private CoSignatory
2017-07-10Enapak Sdn. Bhd.Private CoSignatory
2017-04-15First Pacific Valuers Property Consultants Sdn. Bhd.Private CoSignatory
2018-09-18Global Green Earth FoundationCivil Society / NGOSignatory
2017-11-28House of CSR Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory
2017-05-02Hui Ocean World Capital BerhadPrivate CoSignatory
2017-11-26Impact Hub Kuala LumpurCivil Society / NGOSignatory
2017-05-17Impacto Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory
2019-01-02Infinite Worldwide GroupPrivate CoSignatory
2017-08-20InspiraComm Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory
2019-01-02Integriti Padu Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory
2017-07-10Jocom MShopping Sdn. Bhd.Private CoSignatory
2017-06-08Koperasi Usahawan Metropolitan Kuala Lumpur BerhadPrivate CoSignatory
2017-11-06KPMG Management & Risk Consulting Sdn BhdMultinationalSignatory
2017-04-04Limkokwing University of Creative TechnologyInstitutionSignatory
2017-06-01Malaysia Airlines BerhadPrivate CoSignatory
2017-09-19Malaysian Financial Planning CouncilCivil Society / NGOSignatory
2017-04-04Max Capital Management HoldingsPrivate CoSignatory
2015-05-14McCorry and Co. LtdMultinationalSignatory
2017-05-15Microsoft MalaysiaMultinationalSignatory
2018-08-16MMG Assistance Services Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory
2018-08-16Optik Chempaka Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory
2017-04-13Philip Morris (Malaysia) Sdn BhdMultinationalSignatory
2017-05-04Philips MalaysiaMultinationalSignatory
2019-01-02Prudential BSN Takaful BerhadPrivate CoSignatory
2017-04-16Pyrope Industries Sdn. Bhd.Private CoSignatory
2019-01-02Rembawang Holdings Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory
2017-07-04RHB Bank BerhadPrivate CoSignatory
2019-01-02S&S Quest ResourcesPrivate CoSignatory
2018-01-15Salcon BerhadMultinationalSignatory
Sato Auto-ID Malaysia Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory
2017-08-25Sibu Municipal City CouncilCivil Society / NGOSignatory
2017-11-09Straight A ResourcesPrivate CoSignatory
2017-04-14Sure-Reach Worldwide Express Sdn. Bhd.Private CoSignatory
2017-08-25Syarikat Gunung Timor Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory
2017-04-28Syarikat Sesco BerhadPrivate CoSignatory
2008-09-02The Equator SocietyCivil Society / NGOSignatory
2017-08-06The Green Venture Sandalwood Plantation BerhadMultinationalSignatory
2017-04-03Turnkey EventsPrivate CoSignatory
2008-09-12University of NottinghamInstitutionSignatory
2019-01-02Widad Builders Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory
2017-08-16Winds Mobile Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory
Wislink Management & Consultancy Sdn BhdPrivate CoSignatory