Member Stories: Accelerating Green Business Model To Advance SDGs

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The Green Venture (TGV), South East Asia’s leading grower, manager, and manufacturer of sandalwood trees has committed to work together with UN’s Global Compact Malaysia (GCMY) to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

TGV has always been committed to continuous research and innovation to create sustainable development, for a sustainable future through ecological balance and economic development.

Today, TGV has established a series of sustainable development in the form of an industrial chain that begins from land search, seedlings cultivation, planting management, harvesting, sandalwood oil processing, quality control, product research and development to marketing and sales.
“By reporting on our progress, we aim to improve our performance which will enable meaningful progress towards achieving the SDGs together with GCMY,” said Mark Chin, the Chief Executive Officer of TGV.

Planting sandalwood can significantly reduce greenhouse gases, reduce the impact of the greenhouse effects. By merging ethical business value and continued sustainable development, the company hopes to become a celebrated household name in the industry and ultimately, the world’s largest manufacturer of sandalwood.

As an environmental firm, TGV is committed to protecting the environment. The company strongly believes in the value of environmental protection and sustainability, and how a small effort could lead to big changes in the environment.

TGV also focuses its effort on disseminating information that educates the public of our critical environmental conditions. TGV has been working closely with local NGO group, The Green World (TGW) to organize plenty of environmentally-friendly events. In 2017, TGV was the main sponsor of the 6th Asia Pacific Corporate Social Responsibility Forum 2017. This event was organized by TGW and Asia Pacific CSR Council with the support and collaboration of UNGC. This forum showcased why collaboration emerged as the foundation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The purpose of the council was to advance the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Working hand in hand with local enterprises and NGOs, the council contributed to, and supported the advancement of sustainability in the Asia Pacific private and public sector.

In 2017, TGV and TGW also joined forces to coordinate The Green World Half Marathon & Green Hat Fun Run. This event aimed to raise awareness of global warming and reduce environmental impacts by promoting outdoor activity as way of reducing carbon copy and the incorporation of recycling and eco-friendly activities in daily life. In the past, the two organizations had also organized The Green World Run (2015), China-Malaysia Friendship Tree (2015), Cycle Towards a Green Life (2016), Green Neon Run (2016), and Arbor Day (2017).

TGV also promises its stakeholder that the environment will be protected and harm is not posed to the ecological surroundings of the plantation areas. TGV takes its words very seriously as they are extremely meticulous in their plantation planning efforts. Wildlife and natural habitats should not be disturbed and works should be continually undertaken to improve on the conditions of the environment.

TGV firmly believes that the ecological environment of the plantations will be a foundation for efficient management and good environmental measures to be effectively implemented in other plantations around the world.

TGV’s actions and initiatives are in accordance to the following SDG Goals:

  • Goal 9: Industry. Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Goal 13: Climate Action
  • Goal 15: Life on Land

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