GCMY Organizes A Workshop To Introduce CSO Alliance to SDGs

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24 February 2018, Kuala Lumpur: The UN Global Compact Network Malaysia (GCMY) recently hosted a workshop to assist the Malaysian Civil Society Organizations (CSO)-SDG Alliance in the implementation of their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Malaysia.

The training event focused on highlighting the tools and key factors needed for CSOs to improve their delivery of SDGs. In order to ensure a successful, transformative, and universal outcome for the SDGs, integrated communications were necessary to inspire and mobilize national action among the group.

The session was opened by GCMY Executive Director on the introduction to UN Global Compact and GCMY followed by an overview of the CSO-SDG Alliance by Datuk Denison Jayasooria and GCMY’s membership benefits by Khadijah. Participants were given an opportunity to hear from Chris Daniel Wong, My Events Turnkey on the need for effective public relations when reporting one’s sustainability agenda.

GCMY is actively working with its members to develop a training programme on how to reach, engage, and compel the group to take action over the next 12 years to meet the UN’s SDGs.

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