The UN Global Compact Malaysia SDG Industry Dialogue Dinner

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The United Nations Global Compact Network Malaysia organised the first SDG Industry Dialogue Dinner on 22 January 2019. The dialogue held over a relaxed dinner setting includes representatives from the public, private, regulatory and international advisory sectors and, in addition to hearing from them, discussions incorporated interaction with industry leaders from the audience in an effort to construct a more dynamic conversation.

The dialogue covered a number of factors that shape the sustainable ecosystem, including policy, the role of the private sector and how to develop policies that ensure no one is left behind in accordance to the theme of Sustainable Development Goals especially focusing on Climate Change and Human Rights.

We believed many associated challenges are cross sectoral and involve multiple industries, so it is important to discuss practical ways in which efforts between the public and private sector can be aligned. This collaboration should be viewed as the new normal as Malaysia moves towards an era of sustainability in which close relationships between stakeholders will become increasingly important.

Please contact Mr.Athi Pillai at +6012-2518649 for more details.

2 responses on “The UN Global Compact Malaysia SDG Industry Dialogue Dinner

  1. Sunil Jha

    This seems very good initiative for UN’s Global goals for sustainable growth. We need more organizations like GBP International.

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