Action against misuse of Global Compact Brand

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Kuala Lumpur, February 18th 2019 – The United Nations (UN) Global Compact Network Malaysia (GCMY) was recently made aware that The International Peace College and The Honorary Doctorate Organisation, both founded by Mr. Samraj Arumugam, have been unlawfully using the UN Global Compact’s image and brand for personal benefit. This is completely against our terms and policy of use.

We have received several complaints about this issue from people who were approached for donations in exchange for honorary doctorate awards. In response, The UN Global Compact Network Malaysia has taken numerous actions to curb this kind of behaviour. This includes but is not limited to,

  • Requesting that these activities stop altogether
  • Issuing cease and desist letters
  • Informing UNGC New York of their behavior
  • Requesting they be removed from the UNGC participant list
  • Making a police report
  • Informing the offending parties in person of their misconduct

We at the Global Compact will not tolerate such blatant abuse of our image and brand. Should the offending party not comply with our demands, we will seek legal restraint upon them and seek compensation for any losses incurred by your transgression of the UN Global Compact Policy document.

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