GCMY Developing National SDG Portal for UN and Malaysian Government

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August 2017, Kuala Lumpur: The United Nations Country Team has appointed the UN Global Compact Network Malaysia (GCMY) to develop the region’s first National SDG Portal – an enabling platform to map the SDG eco-system in Malaysia and a hub for stakeholders, drivers, policies, funding and learning.

The platform will be activated in January 2018. The National SDG Portal will increase awareness of the SDGs and allow business and other stakeholders to make SDG commitments and report activities progressively. The platform will grow to include a marketplace for SDG proponents to match and exchange project ideas.

“Sustainability is a complex process. The SDGs must be understood in the context of business. This platform can be used by business to show how they are making the SDGs happen in the real-world for Malaysia and Malaysians”, says Puvan J. Selvanathan, President of GCMY.

GCMY is working closely with the United Nations Country Team, under the guidance of UNDP and the Government’s Economic Planning Unit, with active participation and contributions from Civil Society.

Contact our Secretariat or write to Shahazar Yazid (shah@ungcmalaysia.org) if you would like to nominate your company as a featured pioneer on the National SDG Portal.

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