Member Stories: InspiraComm Aligns Strategy To Meet UN SDGs

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InspiraComm, a content developer and event management company, is committed to becoming an advocate of UN’s Global Compact Malaysia (GCMY) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The company has sought to undertake and tweak its content strategy and principles to feature stories on activities relating to SDGs, establishing its own social mission, and creating physical engagement platforms such as bazaar and mini-talks to create opportunities for public and entrepreneurs to learn, experience and contribute towards the SDGs.

“The power of storytelling to forge connections and power Malaysian business in various platforms is a first of its kind to inspire aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs to sustain their business and social missions covering environment, economic and social areas. We want to be an advocator in creating awareness in SDGs to empower entrepreneurs to take action to make our world a better place for all,” said Rashid Mat, Chief Executive Officer of InspiraComm.

One of InspiraComm social missions is to empower the orang asli community comprising of women, youth and children in Damansara Perdana through the programme, CerDik (Cerita dalam Mendidik) – Learning through Storytelling. The aim of the programme is to create awareness and educate the community to create better lives. Activities cover civic responsibility, providing literacy and instilling skills and motivation for economic growth.

Pic above: InspiraComm at its first SDG bazaar in creating awareness for their social missions

InspiraComm organized its first SDG bazaar with the support of Sunway Putra Mall in October 2017 with about 15 vendors adopting their respective social missions. This was a successful initiative as most of the vendors not only focused on creating awareness of their business to increase sales but also to create awareness on their social missions. They realized that giving to the community is a bigger purpose in their business and lives.


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