Member Stories : Biji-Biji Initiative and GCMY Tackles Sustainability in Asia

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Biji-biji Initiative, a social enterprise that aims to sow the seeds of progressive ideas. The roots of Biji-biji are planted in principles of sustainability, open source, open book finance and collaboration. Biji-biji does this through its four arms – Ethical Fashion, Tech, Fabrication, Sustainability Consultancy & Events. Biji-biji is also launching its newest venture – Me.reka Makerspace, an innovative and alternative education model that focuses on 21st century skills and sustainability. Biji-biji promotes sustainability in Malaysia together with UN Global Compact Malaysia (GCMY).

We are Biji-biji Initiative

What is Biji-biji all about? With everything that we do… it's sometimes hard to explain how it all fits together, which is why we invite you to watch our NEW "About us" video to understand more about our activities! :-)"If you have any ideas, get in touch with us and we can see what we can do together!" – Rash and Zoe, co-founders at Biji-biji Initiative.Visit our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!We also can't wait for you to visit us at our new makerspace in Publika: Me.reka Makerspace!

Posted by Biji-biji Initiative on Thursday, September 28, 2017


The product of a partnership between the GCMY, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, and Biji-Biji is predicated on the increasing recognition that the growth of the social enterprise sector not only holds the promise of contributing to the world’s sustainable development goals but also presents a financially and strategically valuable investment opportunity.

Unlocking this potential allows social enterprises like Biji-Biji Initiative who are intentional about applying the mechanics of entrepreneurship and innovative business models to solving sustainability problems.

Pic Above: Biji-Biji conducting a solar panel workshop in one of the Me.reka workshops. Workshops and classes are on arduino technology, textiles, woodworking, rapid prototyping, urban gardening and, arts and crafts are also available.

Biji-biji Initiative went through an exercise to realign its businesses in line with SDGs and have chosen 57-SDG inspired indicators to measure its commitment towards sustainable development. Through this exercise, Biji-biji aims to be a business that measure its social, environmental and economic impacts – ethical supply chain, material efficiency and recovery, holistic waste management, fair wages for all,and income equality.

“We must build and strengthen ecosystems that allow the right mix of information, talent, investment and trust to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). If we do this, we can better align incentives to form long-lasting collaborations that address the goals much faster, more efficiently,” said Rashvin Pal Singh, CEO of Biji-biji Initiative.


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